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IGDA criticizes games industry for ignoring harassment allegations

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has responded to the wave of abuse allegations throughout the industry that began earlier this month.

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Twitch bans Donald Trump and DrDisrespect

Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm has been banned from Twitch again. BUT; Twitch also has temporarily suspended the official Donald Trump Twitch channel for hateful conduct.

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Roblox: Kids use games to stay in touch with their real-life friends

Teenagers who use the virtual gaming world of Roblox say that they are using games such as Roblox to stay in touch with their real-life friends, according to a survey by the company. They’re also playing online games a lot more, and they’re going online with their parents’ permission.

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Chinese Twitch is called Trovo Live

China’s largest company has been quietly testing a mobile-focused streaming network via an affiliate in the U.S. since at least March. Initially called Madcat and now branded Trovo Live, the new service closely resembles Twitch in its appearance and functionality.  Tencent Holdings Ltd. is rolling out a live-streaming service similar to Inc.’s Twitch in the U.S.,…

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Epic versus Steam; the Battle is on!

The title says it all; Epic versus Steam. Valve’s Steam has found a competitor in Epic Games and since then both have locked horns in an ugly battle in the gaming industry.

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Entertainment Software Association (ESA) speaks out against Trump visa freeze

US video games trade body the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has spoken out about President Donald Trump’s executive order that places a freeze on non-immigrant visas. Speaking to, the organisation said immigration is vital to the health of the American economy, which needs to bounce back following the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Trump signed the executive order…

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Gearbox Software Sues 3D Realms

It all started in 2014 when Gearbox decided to sue 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction; a property owned by the Gearbox in 2010.

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Twitch will issue permanent suspensions to abusers

Twitch revealed this week it will be handing out permanent suspensions amid the latest wave of abuse allegations. Investigation is ongoing as Twitch takes additional steps to combat abuse and hate within its communities.

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5G Gaming Is The Fundament For Game Streaming

5G gaming is expected to be one of the biggest technology trends of the next few years. Countries like India are a potential blue ocean for western game developers. No lag during your gameplay is a major promise for 5G users.

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