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25 new PS5 Games are scheduled to Release Soon

Those of you, who have spent a hefty amount on the next-gen PS5 console, rejoice! Sony has 25 PS5 games in the works and five of these titles are under its own PlayStation Studios brand. The best thing about these games is that almost half of these games are new and aren’t based on sequels or spinoffs.

New PS5 Games Scheduled - Inside Gaming News 24/7

New PS5 Games Scheduled – Inside Gaming News 24/7

In a recent interview with Wired, Herman Hulst, PlayStation Studio Lead, shared Sony’s upcoming plans for PS5 games. He shared that Sony is planning to release more than 25 games and half of them are not related to existing IPs or spinoffs of previous games. Before this news, we knew about four first-party Sony titles:

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (scheduled in June 2021)

Horizon Forbidden West (scheduled for 2021)

God of War: Ragnarok (2021)

Gran Turismo 7 (Next year)

In addition to these four titles, 21 additional games will certainly give a much-needed boost to PS5. Especially given the huge delay in exclusive game launches, this will give PS5 fans a sigh of relief.

Another important point to note here is that PlayStation Studio Brand doesn’t mean that it wholly owns or develops the games as well as games’ developers. The PlayStation branding is a bit unclear. In an interview given to GamesIndustry, the head of global marketing at Sony, Eric Lempel said that branding, “doesn’t mean that we outright own the developer, but it just means we brought it up as a first-party. In a lot of cases, we don’t own the developer.”

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Moreover, during the interview, Wired also inquired about a couple of indie games from outside developers partnered with Sony about their release. However, Sony didn’t give an outright answer and it is still unclear that if these games are included in the 25 games figure.

New PS5 Games Scheduled - Inside Gaming News 24/7

New PS 5 Games Scheduled – Inside Gaming News 24/7

Most of the games scheduled to release will be small-scale as many of the games aren’t part of existing established franchises. Nevertheless, it is exciting to know about the new games for PS5 are ready to launch this year; Sony is ensuring that it has covered all the bases.


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