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Musicians worldwide have reason to celebrate as Polygon, a premier blockchain platform, has partnered with Mastercard, a global leader in payment processing, to launch an accelerator program utilizing Web3 technology for the benefit of musicians.

Polygon and Mastercard have joined forces to create a blockchain-based accelerator program for musicians, providing them with increased visibility and opportunities. This partnership is helping shape the future of the music industry by empowering artists to take control of their digital ownership through blockchain technology.

Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program 2023

Mastercard has a long-standing reputation for fostering and nurturing new musicians and talents. The company consistently demonstrates its dedication to the music industry through its ongoing support and initiatives.

In a recent collaboration, Mastercard and Polygon have launched an innovative blockchain-powered artist accelerator program. This program aims to equip five rising talents in the music industry, including musicians, DJs, producers, and other artists, with the essential skills, tools, networks, and platforms needed to establish successful music careers.

The program aims to provide emerging talent with hands-on learning from music professionals, as well as connecting artists, creators and fans from the onset.

Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s chief marketing and communications officer, announced the program at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Mastercard has a strong commitment to music, as demonstrated by its sponsorship of the Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, and BRIT Awards.

Mastercard is now utilizing Web3 technology to provide unique and scalable experiences for both fans and artists. This commitment to the music industry is further demonstrated by their debut album, “Priceless.”

What are the benefits of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program for musicians? 

The program will allow artists to quickly adopt Web3 and the Polygon blockchain, enabling them to discover new revenue streams. It will empower them to shape their own career by utilizing Web3 experiences. Additionally, the program will provide a unique curriculum that instructs artists on how to utilize blockchain technology to establish their own personal brand.

The program will include creating NFTs, participating in digital concerts, and fostering a strong community and dedicated fanbase. We have seen the success of metaverse concerts with large attendance in the past.

The Mastercard platform also provides opportunities for fans to join and learn about the music industry, and access tools to understand the impact of blockchain technology on the industry.

“The power of Web3 technology allows artists to take control of their own success by building a fanbase, earning a living, and exploring new forms of self-expression and connection on their own terms,” says Ryan Watt, CEO of Polygon Studios. “Join Mastercard and Polygon on this journey of revolutionizing the music industry.”

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Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program

What Does Polygon Collaboration Mean for Web3? 

The collaboration between Mastercard and Polygon is a game changer, as it represents mainstream brands embracing Web3 technology. This opens up the Web3 world to a wider audience. Join us on this journey and be part of the future of music industry. With Mastercard and Polygon, you’ll be able to experience the full potential of the blockchain revolution.

“The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program demonstrates the impact of brands fully embracing the Web3 space and provides resources to educate consumers on how to engage with it. “This is a significant step towards making the benefits of Web3 more accessible to a wider audience,” says Ryan Watt, CEO of Polygon Studios.

According to Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, music is a universal passion that brings people together, but it can be difficult for aspiring artists to make a name for themselves. The Mastercard Artist Accelerator aims to change that by using advanced Web3 technology to increase opportunities and create connections for these artists.

Our goal is to connect passion and purpose by showcasing talented emerging artists and building a collaborative community where members can learn, experiment, and grow together.

Polygon has a range of music platforms, such as Royal, StemsDAO, and Bolera, that operate on its blockchain network. The trust in Polygon blockchain technology and platforms is attributed to its robust infrastructure and the outstanding market performance of its token, MATIC. With a market capitalization among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, MATIC is a highly reputable token.

In addition to Mastercard, several other well-known traditional companies have adopted Ethereum scaling solutions, such as Meta (Facebook), Dolce & Gabbana, the NFL, and Stripe. As more traditional companies recognize the benefits of Web3 technology, the adoption of this new technology is becoming increasingly common.

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