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The Role Of Algorithms And Social Interactions;

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Yvette Wohn & Algorithms

I am having a fun and insightful talk with Yvette Wohn. Her Biography is here and that explains a lot about her background.

Algorithms in Gaming; Yvette Wohn of Social Interaction Lab at NJIT

Algorithms in Gaming; Yvette Wohn of Social Interaction Lab at NJIT

Some questions she answered were “what she thinks about the virtual concerts in Fortnite, and why Epic Games is organizing these events? What does she think that the games industry could learn from those events? And, “How important is social interaction in live streaming and also where does she see problems right now and how are the current role of brands in the ecosystem and how it could be improved”.

Algorithms and social interactions in gaming - Games Podcast

Algorithms and social interactions in gaming – Games Podcast

Dr. Wohn’s research;

Dr. Wohn’s research area is human-computer interaction in the context of social media, focusing on non-conscious use of technology, such as media habits, and their relation to psychological well-being and interpersonal relationships. She also studies how social media can help with social support and social identity.

Multiplayer Games;

Wohn runs the Social Interaction Lab at NJIT where they develop novel technologies for positive social interaction and try to understand how people use social technologies, such as social media, mobile phones and multiplayer games.

She’s been featured on Wired online,, The Pew Research Center and has provided expertise on Esports and platforms such as Twitch.

Yvette Wohn is available for consulting, but limited in time, so game developers, here is your chance to reach out; Yvette Wohn!

And some gaming news; Publisher Scopely Buys Scrabble GO Maker PierPlay After Big Debut, Tencent partners up with Gameye for new digital conference and Google and EA partner to bring Star Wars, FIFA and Madden NFL to Stadia.

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