ESL and Gaming news

ESL; #IEM Katowice 2020, David Neichel responded on my question ‘what to expect for  esports events in the near future’

– From “Getting kicked out of your student appartment” to getting acquired by Ubisoft. Daniel Stammler tells about it.

– Gaming in Israel is hot. A conference you should visit is to get to know the gaming people of Israel. Guy Ben-Dov tells me all about it.

– Meet&Greet Events online during (delayed) GDC; Dirk Schmitt, Fedor van Herpen and Jay Powell are organizing events. Reach out to them to find out more.

– #IEM Katowice 2020, David Neichel responded on my question ‘what to expect for  esports events in the near future’

ESL and Gaming news

ESL and Gaming news

– Esports; Cris Reed and Chris Smith I mentioned as people to watch when you want to learn more about esports. Both have online video-casts on Linkedin. Super interesting to watch and follow.

– What is a Game Consultant? Jay Powell did answer me some questions. You can notice that he has been around, 20+ years, in this gaming business. (Game Consultant Jay Powell)

Companies to watch;

Doki Tops of

Itamar Benedy of of Cordel Coker


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