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Web3 gaming studio Overlord plans to launch an NFT game with collaboration from Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, project is Creepz NFT game.

Web3 Game Studio Overlord ropes in Rockstar Game co-founder Dan Houser in partnership to create an NFT game. This new NFT game idea is in its nascency and revolves around creepy lizard NFTs. Overlord and Revolving Games will produce an NFT game under the Overlord ecosystem. So, gear up to see mysterious colorful lizard NFTs in this upcoming blockchain game. As of now, the game hasn’t got any name to it, but we bet the name will include reptiles or lizards in it.

While talking to Decrypt, Overlord co-founder shared plans for the upcoming project. The NFT blockchain game is a sci-fi project featuring exoplanets, galaxies, and universes. The game will use cross-chain technology from day zero. Moreover, players will use strategy, skills, and cunning methods to battle their way up in interplanetary domination. Besides, it is not only about players, there are several different alien species in the game. Each alien specie has its own story and context making them unique in attributes, skills, and motivation. Moreover, each alien specie has its own ways to conquer enemies depending upon technological advancements and abundant resources.

Overlord Creepz NFT Project

The storyline and genre sure look intriguing and show that Overlord is putting its efforts and resources in the right direction. The gaming studio is focusing more on the gameplay dimension and putting the game economics second in line. Additionally, the Overlord team is “laser-focused on mainstream adoption.”

According to Decrypt, Smith emphasized the importance of an invisible blockchain, stating that players should be able to enjoy the benefits of asset ownership and on-chain mechanics without necessarily realizing that it is happening on the blockchain.

“To us, blockchain is a technology, in the same way that Unity or a development language is,” he added. “It should facilitate the play experience invisibly.”

More recently,  Overlord has collaborated with Stoopid Buddy Studios, an NFT enthusiast and actor Seth Green’s company, to create an animated series based on Creepz Lizard NFTs. These NFTs were launched on Ethereum in January 2022 and have reportedly generated a trading volume of over 35,800 ETH, which is currently valued at around $65 million.

Decrypt has reported that Overlord will be utilizing Revolving Games’ technology to develop a game based on the Creepz NFT collection. While Revolving Games has confirmed that it will be providing the necessary “tools and tech” to Overlord, it is currently uncertain whether the former will be actively involved in the game’s development or if a third-party studio will be using their technology. Additionally, according to Overlord’s game deck, the Creepz collection has garnered attention from several high-profile individuals, including actor Seth Green, musicians Sia and Steve Aoki, actor Elijah Wood, and popular YouTuber and gamer FaZe Banks.

More About Overlord

Overworld is a Web3 blockchain gaming development studio and a media universe. It aims to build immersive games, stories, and virtual interactive worlds for players to explore and enjoy. It’s projects range from gaming to fashion, TV & films, and products. Additionally, it is currently working on a multi-planetary gaming ecosystem featuring multiple planets in a galaxy.

Overlord represents an expansive IP universe that will encompass multiple games spanning various genres and platforms. The games themselves will range from casual mobile RTS titles like Clash of Clans to complex PC MOBAs such as League of Legends. Several game studios are already in partnership to develop these titles, with further details coming out next week. At the core of this gaming ecosystem lies on-chain connective tissue that leverages interoperability and composability to ensure seamless integration between the various games. The studio also has a utility coin that will work in the whole Overlord ecosystem. Players will see the coin soon as the studio plans to launch the coin in the coming months.

According to a recent statement, the team has consistently held the belief that IP on-chain, specifically Creepz NFTs, represents the future of IP inception. This perspective has only grown stronger as on-chain technology continues to drive platform shifts across various entertainment industries, including gaming, television, and more.

Web3 Studio Overlord Cross-Media Approach

The brand’s focus on a multi-platform, multi-genre gaming ecosystem serves as the core of the brand, while other entertainment verticals such as TV shows, merchandising, and digital experiences provide support. This cross-media structure has proven to be increasingly valuable, providing a two-way value stream: on the one hand, multiple free touchpoints for fan generation can pull users down the funnel, with a hit Netflix show creating 1 million fans, for example, and a percentage of those fans converting into the gaming core and retaining as they envelop themselves in the brand. On the other hand, rich IP creation compounds value across verticals, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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