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Sky Mavis announces four new Web3 games on the Ronin blockchain network namely Bowled, Tribesters, The Machines Arena, and Axie Match 3. The gaming giant will collaborate with Directive Games, Tribes Studio, Bali Games, and to leverage their expertise and expand into new markets.

Sky Mavis has recently announced the addition of several game studios that will be building on the Ronin network. These studios will be creating new Web3 games that will leverage the unique features and capabilities of the Ronin sidechain. Sky Mavis has earned over $1.3 billion in revenue from its blockchain game Axie Infinity. Now it is gearing up to release four additional Web3 games on its Ronin network. To improve security and efficiency in its efforts to decentralize Ronin, the company has upgraded the blockchain to a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) system. Ronin, which is an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) blockchain, has already generated a trading volume of $4.2 billion.
Some of the first game studios to build on Ronin include:

Directive Games The Machines Arena

Directive Games is a gaming studio founded in 2014 by experienced game developers from well-known companies. They specialize in creating immersive, competitive multiplayer games that give players a high level of control. The company announced the closed beta launch of their latest game, The Machines Arena, on the Epic Games Store for Ronin users. The game is a super fast hero shooter with battles taking place from a top-down perspective. In the future, Directive Games plans to introduce Web3 features.

According to Osgood, the fact that The Machines Arena will initially be available on the Epic Games Store is an interesting development, as players will be able to start engaging with the game right away. Initially, the game will not have any Web3 elements, but Sky Mavis will be working with the developers, community members, and players to determine the best places to incorporate these features into the game. Osgood stated that they will start with a Web2 approach and gradually introduce Web3 elements.

Tribes Studio Tribesters

Tribes Studio is a community-led gaming studio created by a former executive at King and Scopely. They specialize in building games of their IP, Tribesters, and their main project is an open-world MMO; Tribesters: Island of Solas. Before launching the MMO, they plan to release a community engagement platform. It will allow the community to participate in the game’s development and earn rewards for their contributions. This technology will also be available to other games in the Ronin ecosystem as a way to facilitate community-building.

The development team is working on a social MMO and a community engagement platform that will enable the community to participate in various aspects of the game’s development. According to Osgood, the platform will allow the community to leverage their unique skills and expertise to help build the game. Additionally, the community will earn rewards for their contributions in Tribesters.

Bali Games: Axie Match 3

Bali Games is a mobile game development studio that created the popular Anipang series in Korea. The project was a success generating $1.8 billion in gross revenue and over 130 million downloads. With experience expanding major IP, such as Disney Pop, Snoopy Puzzle, and BT21, Bali Games aims to create Axie-inspired puzzle games. This collaboration with Axie Infinity will not only expand the community in Korea but also grow the Axie IP and lore through new Axie games. Bali Games has a high focus on mobile game development. Their partnership with Axie Infinity aims to provide more utility to the Axie game characters while creating their native IP.

Larsen expressed his excitement about the partnership and explained that the collaboration is curated to ensure that Bali Games does not repeat the same mistakes that Axie Infinity has made in the past. Osgood added that the partnership is also a way to expand the Axie lore internally, allowing other studios to build games with Axie Infinity’s guidelines.

Sky Mavis, Ronin Blockchain Gaming Network Expands with Four New Web3 Games
Ronin Blockchain Gaming Network Expands with Four New Web3 Games

Bowled is a social gaming platform that allows fans to engage in games, own in-game sports assets, and interact with their favorite sports influencers. The platform features cricket, one of the most popular sports in the world. Additionally, it offers a range of game modes for users to cultivate their team of all-star cricket heroes and lead them to glory. While not a Web3 game at launch, plans to integrate Web3 elements by working with Sky Mavis. It will enable users to earn rewards, purchase NFTs, and further their game through in-app purchases.

The partnership with will allow Sky Mavis to access a highly engaged community of India-based sports fans. The game will also attract fans from other regions like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few. This means that the game shall introduce a new demographic to the Ronin ecosystem. With plans to eventually integrate other popular sports such as basketball and soccer, the dev team hopes to create a full sports game hub over time.

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