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In the most recent blockchain and NFT news, Harmony saw more traffic and activity on its website, even though the crypto industry as a whole is going down. The reason is the new NFT innovations on Harmony in MAD NFT, Zonulet, and Moon Robots. These games are trending right now in the Harmony network, changing the NFT trajectory to a positive one. Harmony is excited about these new NFT projects and wants to grow its new ecosystem even more. The recent activity on Harmony has also brought a lot of buzz to the blockchain industry.

Even though the crypto market is very volatile and unstable right now, new and interesting projects keep coming out in the NFT space. The new innovative NFT projects are more user-driven and useful, rather than just a bunch of hype. Moreover, developers and creators are exploring new venues in the broader Web3 ecosystem. This means that it is not only about Ethereum now; people are hunting for new NFT projects that are attractive and are placed outside of Ethereum. A compelling storyline and a unique value proposition are two important things that help get people interested. Let’s have a look at some of the new and unique NFT projects on Harmony that are leading the way.


MAD NFT provides a platform that showcases unique and interesting NFT collections. Moreover, it is an NFT platform that has hundreds of creators on board and thousands of collectors in one place. It boasts of being the world’s first and largest social NFT marketplace, with NFT sales of over 756.400. Users can take a look at trending and popular NFT collections on MAD NFT and single out their favorites. Besides, the platform also enlists top creators and encourages a culture where creators help each other grow.

Harmony Blockchain Welcomes New NFT Projects: MAD NFT, Nifty Nafty, Moon Robots, and More
New NFT Projects Are Welcomed by Harmony Blockchain, Including MAD NFT, Nifty Nafty, Moon Robots, and More

MAD gives everyone access to Web 3.0 social networking through a platform that can be used for many things and is useful for fans, celebrities, and opinion leaders. It also gives its creators a lot of tools to help them make NFT projects that are good for the environment. It also offers its own marketplace, where users have plenty of options to view and collect popular NFT collections.

MAD NFT also offers a lot to artists and creators, as they can use this social platform to create community engagement via platform ranking, creative campaigns, and social engagement. Moreover, it also has an academy for new NFT creators to learn step-by-step tutorials about the MAD NFT platform. So, you can become a professional in Web 3 in no time and create your own NFT collection. By the looks of it, MAD NFT has the potential to become a solid player in the Web 3.0 metaverse, where anyone can join to socialize, create, and connect.

Nifty Nafty

Nifty Nafty is an NFT project featuring cute bunny hunters that are hand painted. Don’t be fooled by their looks; these cute little rabbits are ferocious hunters in the galaxy, waiting to pounce on their enemies along with their holders. These hand-drawn NFTs are powered by Ethereum with a cap of 9,999. The holders of these NFTs will get a sneak peek at the project’s comics, early access to drops, exclusive discounts, and more.

Moon Robots

Next, we have an RPG game based on Lunar robots, which is already quite popular on on-chain metrics. The number of transactions went up by 256%, and the number of unique wallets went up by almost 100%. The game offers NFTs in Robot Hero NFTs, Moon Land NFTs, OIL Tokens, and Item NFTs.

Harmony Blockchain Welcomes New NFT Projects: MAD NFT, Nifty Nafty, Moon Robots, and More
MAD NFT, Nifty Nafty, Moon Robots, and Other New NFT Projects Are Welcomed by Harmony Blockchain

Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari is an RPG blockchain game with aesthetically pleasing graphics. The game lets players collect, tame, and lure Venari creatures. The game is a player-driven sandbox where users will compete for territorial gains and rare resources. Its early Alpha is open for registration; check out the game’s trailer.


We have another promising emerging NFT marketplace by the name of Zonulet. It is a decentralized project that uses IPFS and Filecoin technology to store and keep records of NFT files. Moreover, the platform uses the Harmony blockchain to record every transaction.

A report by DappRadar says that the number of unique active wallets on Zonulet grew by more than 500% in just 30 days. Moreover, the platform also saw an increase in its transactions of 53%. Though the marketplace is new, it is showing signs of tremendous potential and mass adoption. is a Web 3.0 game Wikipedia where we keep our dynamic and vibrant community up to date with the latest happenings and events. Check out our weekly news round-up to see what’s new in the crypto industry and blockchain games. Or check the Best Play to Earn Games 2023.

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