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Gamers Spending Millions Playing Yuga Labs’ Web3 Game Dookey Dash!

Yuga Labs‘ latest crypto NFT game Dookey Dash is having a promising run so far. According to the Delphi Digital report, Dookey Dash has seen spending of a whopping $2 million+ USD since its launch on January 17th. Professional blockchain gamers are in a fierce race to top the game’s leaderboard. The motivations behind playing this new Web3 game are several. However, one important element is its fun endless runner gameplay in a sewer. The longer a player survives this endless runner game, the higher the score is. Players traverse this monkey sewer system in search of a treasure box and its key. But how did it get in the sewer? Let’s not go that way, shall we?

Dookey Dash Sewer Pass

Well, first things first, the game is not free to play and requires you to jump through the entry barrier. Only those players who have access to the BAYC NFT shall have access to the Sewer Pass. If you are interested in playing the game, then you need to buy the Sewer Pass from someone willing to sell it. So, the entry barrier is high at the moment. However, if you are a BAYC or MAYC NFT owner then you can have a free claim on Sewer Pass NFT. Besides, the Sewer Pass has 4 tiers, the higher tier pass you have, the more bonus points you will get. 

Moreover, if you own a Sewer Pass, you can delegate rights to other players to play. Delegate cash enables this service for players via a separate wallet with the right to sign transactions. This feature also guarantees superior security whilst unlocking utility for holders. This feature opens up the door for passive income as you can pay professional gamers to secure high scores for you on the Dookey Dash leaderboard.

How will it Help Web3 Gaming?

This new feature will attract professional gamers to the Web3 gaming domain. More and more professional gamers will get on board thanks to Dookey Dash and Delegate Cash. There are two ways in which Web3 will receive benefits as a whole. 

  1. Web3 incentives will attract professional gamers and help them get on board in Web3 gaming
  2. Professional gamers will get incentives to promote Web3 games. 

The delegation will enable incentives to align between holers and gamers. Holders will pay professional gamers to compete for them to score high just like in esports. This will create a Web3 onboarding system. 

Moreover, professional gamers showing off their high scores to their followers will expose Web2 gamers to Dookey Dash. There are famous professional gamers having millions of followers on their social media channels. 

Currently, a total of 25k Sewer Pass NFTs have been minted with the majority of them being tier 1. As for the total number of wallets, a total of 9.5k wallets are connected to the game. The game will end today with scores freezing in the Sewer Pass. “Users who hold their Pass until Feb 15th can participate in the Summoning where players with a score > 0 can burn their Sewer Pass for an NFT used in future games.”

The infinite runner genre got super famous back in 2014 when Temple Run hit a billion downloads across the IP. Dookey Dash is first of its kind endless runner game that uses blockchain technology under the banner of BAYC. Bored Ape Yacht Club is a big name in Web3 and this game is the first one in its $450 million metaverse project.

Dookey Dash Sewer Pass Background

Dookey has an intriguing background that makes diving through sewage for a key seem rational. A monkey caused a rift in reality while taking a shit, enabling Dookey to acquire a treasure box and a key. Unfortunately, the key was swallowed during a celebratory moment and Dookey is now trying to retrieve it by excreting it in the toilet. It’s unclear why he wouldn’t attempt to retrieve the key through means other than using the toilet, but players must don a scuba suit and search the sewers to find the coveted key, which is now covered in waste.

Dookey Dash

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