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Blockchain games are getting better and better with every passing year. In today’s gaming news, we take up one of Gala Games’ play-and-earn games that brings us everything in one perfect package. Having free-to-play and play-and-earn games with super fun elements and high-quality animation is ideal, and Gala Games is bringing in several games like this. Today we take a look at Champions Arena, a turn-based RPG where players can collect over 100 unique and fascinating NFTs. The game was announced earlier this year in the Galaverse. The game comes from OneUniverse’s developer and is available for the Gala community to play and test. The game has superb graphic animations, and Gala Games is bringing top-tier games to the Web 3.0 gaming space.

Champions Arena was first talked about in Galaverse 2022, and the game didn’t start until a few weeks ago. The game is playable on both mobile and desktop. Besides, the game is fully play-and-earn and offers gamers true ownership of digital assets and in-game NFTs. The gameplay offers you the option to summon your champions to take part in missions. Or you can also control them directly in a real-time, tactical turn-based simulation battle.

Champions Arena Gameplay

The first and best thing about the game is its outstanding animation and graphics. The game will give you the feel of playing a AAA title, just like in a traditional gaming space. Eye candy is the epic animation of your character attacking and hurting the opponent. It is at least 15 tiers above normal play-to-earn games in terms of animation and graphics. So, the fun element is already pretty solid in this game. So we can expect that upcoming games in the blockchain gaming industry hold a lot of potential and promise.

The gameplay takes us straight to campaign mode, where we see several levels and tiers heading to the castle. The idea is to battle enemies by summoning your champions. You will attack using cards in a turn-based battle. Each card has unique features; you can click on the card to view its information and how much damage it deals. You can also merge two cards of the same type to upgrade their level and damage capability. Once you choose a card, you will now have to choose the enemy to attack.

Key in Champions Arena

So, for a player, the key to the game is to build a strong deck of cards that complement each other and create synergies. You also need to understand and learn about your cards to use them efficiently. Also, to kill your enemies in the arena, you need to cast summon spells at the right time.

Champions Arena, Web 3.0, NFT game, Gala Games, play-and-earn games
Champions Arena Battle Arena

Know More About Champions Arena

The game offers a wide variety of champions with fictional and mythological characters. Each character possesses unique powers and other features. The concept behind champions is inspired by Eastern and Western mythologies. As a result, each champion comes from a distinct culture and style, which is reflected in the character. Take, for example, Garba, the in-game champion with the Earth spirit. Its HP is one of the highest among other champions. Its characteristics include the sun, star, and moon. As a result, it may be more effective in some environments against specific enemies. 

However, you can also customize your champion with in-game cosmetics and gears and make a more powerful version of him. The game will also offer powerful auras and items as you progress through it. So, your champion will grow into a powerhouse, and your customization of the character will make it truly yours. You can have a maximum of four champions in the battle arena. However, you can also play with two champions to get started.

Region and affinity in the Champions Arena

Yes, there is a learning curve in the game, just like in rock, paper, scissors, where a champion’s region will come into play. There are different areas in the game that do more damage depending on how well they get along with the player. There are a total of six regions, each surpassing the other in some manner. Let’s find out.

Champions Arena, Web 3.0, NFT game, Gala Games, play-and-earn games
Champions Arena Bjorn

Fridiena region champions will inflict more damage on Volgnaar region champions. Similarly, Volgnaar region champions are better at inflicting damage on Novatrium. Novatrium is better than Eriteria, and Eriteria champions will inflict more damage on Fridiedna. However, there is a triangle in between the cycles in which Astrakheim and Ka Drax play a role. You need to memorize and understand how the region works to get better at this game.

What’s More in Champions Arena?

The game has a lot more to offer; stick with us for more on Champions Arena, where we will discuss Summoner’s Realm, Champions Arena tokenomics, and some other characters and elements of gameplay. Until then, check out hundreds of other games on our website. Also, check out our latest part in the year-end blockchain gaming industry series. We discuss the different eras of blockchain gaming and a possible upcoming fix. Or do you want to see a good video game review of Blankos Block Party? 

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