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Animoca Brands Notre Game joins forces with MMA One Championship to bring web3 NFT game One Fight Arena with plans to launch in 2024. These two notable companies are creating One Fight Arena. An NFT-powered MMA mobile game that will make use of the extensive IP library and a rich lineup of fighters from ONE Championship.

Later this year, the NFT game will be tested to figure out shortcomings or glitches before its actual launch in 2024. It will be free to download when it launches on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

According to a press report released on Thursday, the upcoming One Fight Arena will differ from conventional sports games. One Fight Arena aims to prefer strategy over action. A wide range of ONE athlete will be available for gamers to select from, including MMA legend and flyweight world champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, current flyweight world champion in Muay Thai Rodtang “The Iron Man” Jitmuangnon, and many others. A true first-person perspective will allow players to discover the unique martial arts environment. Players will evolve as athletes from the very beginning of their sports careers.

ONE Championship Expands to Web3 Virtual Space via ONE Fight Arena

With the rise of mobile gaming, it makes sense for ONE Championship to expand its brand into the web3 space. ‘ONE Fight Arena’ could offer fans a new way to engage with their favorite fighters and the sport of MMA. Players will have the luxury to own in-game digital assets and NFTs and trade them in this fighter game.

According to Dan Nissanoff, CEO of the derivative-gaming metaverse Game of Silks, this kind of partnership is crucial for promoting crypto games and accelerating their adoption. He called it “representative of an upsurge of creative collaborations taking place at the moment. It involves digital currencies and their integration into sports and entertainment.”

Nissanoff further added: “There’s a lot happening behind the scenes, and most of these partnerships involving entertainment and sports aren’t yet getting major attention”.

Animoca revealed intentions to secure around $1 billion and $2 billion in December. The investment is specifically planned for a metaverse-focused fund Animoca Capital. The investment amount sought to fund mid to late-stage metaverse companies. The organization was last estimated at $5.9 billion and is one of Asia’s largest investors in blockchain technology.

Animoca Brands CEO Admires the Collaboration

The company is happy to serve ONE Championship to establish strong ties with its fan base, according to Yat Siu, chairman of Animoca Brands.

He admired the partnership saying: “Our partnership with ONE to create ONE Fight Arena will enable the fans of the world’s largest martial arts organization to access a novel gaming experience with true digital ownership at its core”.

It is notable to mention that Animoca’s decision to collaborate is a perfect move to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. We move closer to wider adoption every time a well-known business makes a significant investment in web3-based gaming. Because of the popularity of MMA in the gaming industry, Animoca Brands might experience a significant surge in their number of followers and viewers.

In Web3, the company has more than 240 investments and multiple subsidiaries, including the metaverse game The Sandbox.

According to reports, Animoca had an exceptional year in 2018. They took part in 122 venture fund investments between January and September 2022, a 165% increment from the previous year. Additionally, it preferred blockchain-based games as a segment, making over 50 investments in this area in 2022 independently.

Nissanoff highlighted a positive note that this is just the beginning of the gaming industry. He said: “After the hype from the last bull run fades, that’s when the real building happens, as is happening now. There are many cutting-edge collaborations in the works right now”.

About One Fight Arena

Players will be able to select their favorite boxers and engage in virtual fights in the fighter game. Moreover, it will include a roster of genuine fighters from the ONE Championship. A variety of game modes, including multiplayer and single-player choices will feature in “ONE Fight Arena.”

Players will have the option of Web3 integration in ONE Fight Arena. Further, it will use the blockchain system and NFTs to give players genuine digital rights to certain game assets, including the ONE athletes who appear in the game.

‘ONE Fight Arena’ will provide gamers with a variety of personalization possibilities in addition to the gameplay itself. This includes the capacity to train and enhance their fighters to increase their ability in the ring, as well as the opportunity to customize their fighters with various gear and accessories. In general, ‘ONE Fight Arena’ seeks to provide fans of ONE Championship and MMA with a fresh way to interact with the sport and its competitors. It has a variety of gameplay possibilities and a mobile format, which might make it a well-liked addition to the mobile gaming industry.

Animoca Brands Notre Game to Launch NFT MMA Game One Fight Arena
Animoca Brands Notre Game to Launch NFT MMA Game One Fight Arena

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