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In today’s Web3 game review, we will review a metaverse game involving robots, planets, and the much-anticipated TARO token. RobotEra is a true metaverse game and it gives strong vibes of the Sandbox, and its characters are more like Transformers. The game is more like a sandbox planet-building game where you play as a robot. The metaverse allows you to build a planet, acquire resources, manage your own land, create robots, and take part in creating your own world. The RobotEra metaverse gives you an open playground where you will have the liberty to run your creativity wild and create anything you can imagine. The metaverse has no limits and you can start your own new era with other robots. Moreover, RobotEra metaverse connects to other verses making it a multiverse. This virtual world offers an opportunity to open theme parks, do concerts, build museums, and more such activities. So, you can share, explore, create, operate, and trade in this metaverse game with hundreds of NFT communities.

The game has a promising pre-sale in full swing at the time of writing. Players can buy the $TARO token which basically powers the multiverse. It is branded as one of the hottest pre-sales of the year so far and its token is an anticipated one. Let’s check out the game review in detail and what it has to offer besides the metaverse.

RobotEra Game Overview

RobotEra is a Web3 metaverse game having gripping lore and offers the players to participate in world creation, NFT creation, and erecting buildings from zero-point. Players can use the editor to create robots, explore places in the galaxy and find rewards. Moreover, players can also take part in quests in the central city and win rewards. Creative artists and players will have the platform to showcase their creations and artworks in game’s museums. As for those who like to party, the game will host concerts, offer rides in theme parks, and manage an independent continent.

Taro Planet in RobotEra Game

Taro has an interesting history behind it, this gorgeous and scenic planet witnessed an unfortunate cataclysmic event. The aboriginals and the robots entered a war that swept away everything. Now, the planet is ruled by robots having a human minds, will now join hands to restore this once beautiful planet. These robots are now working towards creating a more brilliant civilization and future for Taro.

Main Characters of the Game

Players will play the game as robots, robots are NFTs and belong to seven different camps. Each has unique attributes and powers.

  • Guardian Song: They are the defenders of Taro, higher HP, and bonus from robot companions
  • Omega Ω: These robots advocate individualism, precise insights on attacks,s and blood levels
  • Justice League: Strong sense of justice, importance to the morale.
  • Pioneers: Prioritizes development and expansion.
  • War Academy: These robots are obsessed with knowledge and technology
  • Lava: These robots are darers, death doesn’t scare them. 
  • Desire Paradise: This group of robots persuades others to let go of the burden related to the war, they dig deep into hidden desires and offer many benefits.

RobotEra Play and Earn Mechanics

The developers aim to provide players with a fun experience by introducing interesting gameplay mechanics like exploration, mining, creation, and battle, but also offer venues to earn. Players can earn via cultivating sacred trees, doing advertising, selling NFTs, and staking tokens. Players can have NFTs in the shape of Taro land having unique topography and resources, but first, you will need to have a robot NFT. The game also has Robot Companion NFT which can come in handy to players during the game.

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RobotsEra Pre Sale

The game’s pre-sale token sale has seen solid traction with over 36,000,000 $TARO sold. The metaverse tokens have a massive valuation at the moment i.e. 10 billion USD and that too during the crypto bear market. The pre-sale is open for the $TARO token and players can reach out to their website to invest. But remember, only invest that much which you can afford to lose. If Bitcoin continues on its gradual upward trajectory, the altcoins or tokens will see a boost. So, TARO may have a 2x or 10x potential in it. 

That is it for today, keep visiting us for more game reviews on our news page. Do check out our report on Mastercard and its newest music venture in Web3. Also, keep visiting our Youtube channel to check blockchain game reviews and updates.

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