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Wonder Hero is a turn-based game of strategy made for mobile platforms. Designed like anime characters, the game offers vivid, colorful, and attractive art. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain technology following the storyline of an apocalyptic future on earth. The earth is hit by a nuclear war destroying everything and humanity has to relocate to a new planet by the name of Icarus VI. After many years, a mission is sent to earth comprised of heroes looking for habitable conditions, only to find an evil existence lurking on the planet.

In this RPG game, players need to collect weapons, equipment, and heroes to build a team. The heroes are NFTs that are sellable on the marketplace. A total of 17 types of heroes are available in the game with different abilities and powers.

Wonder Hero Gameplay

In this tactical strategy game, the players can choose from two game modes, the Ally Action phase, and the Enemy Action phase. At the start, each player will have 4 fighters on their team. The story mode is playable in the PvE mode, where you can explore the Wonder Hero universe and earn tokens as you move along. If you want a real thrill, you can partake in the PvP arena mode, which is a battle royale for glory and greater rewards. Moreover, top-performing players win a chance to participate in 5 PvP daily. On the leaderboard, players can change their ranking from Black Iron rank to Legendary rank. In order to start playing, the players need to acquire three fighter skins and three weapons which will require a MetaMask wallet, some USDT, and BNB for gas fees.

Game Economy

The game economy is based on three assets – WND, and HON tokens, along with the NFTs. The WND is the governance token of the game necessary for buying the heroes, weapons, equipment, game items, and spec upgrades. HON tokens are earned for completing missions and tasks.

Wonder Hero Cinematic Trailer