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The Wam App consists of Hyper-casual games, which are simple to play and easy to understand. These games have simple learning curves, don’t require any prior knowledge from the player, and don’t take a lot of practice to become an expert.

How to play & earn in WAM

You must sign up for a public or private tournament of a particular game in order to play it. Each tournament has a unique admission fee and prize pool, both displayed in WAM Coins. Every time a player signs up for a tournament, a certain number of WAM Coins are added to the prize pool.

All of their contests and games require skills. The basic objective when playing is to achieve the best score and the highest ranking possible.

For a nominal sum of WAM Coins, one can continue from a specific score (up to three times). The game is immediately reset to 0 after three attempts. Consequently, giving everyone an equal chance to win regardless of their bank.

Each event ranking is available in real-time, making it simple to monitor when other competitors surpass your score and overtake you.

As long as the event is active, each reward distribution table will always be visible to view. The participants with the highest points win prizes when it is over. The number of WAM Coins each player won from the reward pool will be credited to his wallet.

There are several methods for obtaining WAM Coin rewards. These will be prominently displayed in the platform’s Rewards Center / Daily Challenges section and will change frequently.


There are four panels dedicated to tournaments: Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, and Legend, where you may find open competitions made by the team. People who keep improving their skills enter more difficult tournaments, which have a higher entree fee and a higher reward for the victors.

There will be a discovery section on the platform where you can look for player-created private tournaments. The private tournament’s creator determines the entrance cost and other parameters (such as duration).

Check out one of WAM Hyper Casual Game Below

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