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Upland is a play-to-earn metaverse game like the board game Monopoly. The game requires players to buy tracts of digital land and build their real estate business in the virtual world. Like the real world, in this EOS blockchain technology-based virtual world, the land is addressed according to real-world places. Therefore, making it possible for the virtual land to have actual value like the real world. Moreover, players can invest in digital land properties which are NFTs, and then put them up for sale and rent.

Upland Concept

The prices of properties go up and down like the real world real estate business. Moreover, the game has partnered with Tilia, a digital payment and wallet platform for games and NFTs, to sell the in-game property in USD, along with sales in UPX. The focus of the game is on three basic ideals – play, connect and earn. Upland is a learning initiative where people interested in the metaverse real estate can truly comprehend the basics of the field because Upland comes with detailed tutorials and guidelines. There are basically two types of properties on Upland (minted and unminted) with further sub-categories that are coded with colors. The minted properties are preowned by other users while the unminted have never had an owner before.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to list properties in the secondary market of Upland. Hence, giving an opportunity to make real money via rent or sale of properties. Moreover, players can also sell properties from one owner to another which is easier but also more expensive. There are limited options for avatar development because the game primarily focuses on the property aspect which makes it all the more fun.

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