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Reign of Terror is a mixed reality simulation, a play to earn game built on the Solana blockchain technology.

Additionally, Reign of Terror is a permissionless, decentralized crowdfunded platform of MMO simulation set in a cyberpunk dystopian future world. The timeline of the game is based on going through various tasks and activities of collecting different NFT items. These items include heroes, equipment, weapons, treasures, blueprints, lands, vehicles, machines, building systems, etc. Moreover, players can interact with other players through a Virtual Reality experience that is deeply immersive, building a repertoire for themselves. Even the notoriety in the game is not bad, you should be known, that is what actually matters in the Reign of Terror game dynamics.

Reign of Terror Gameplay

There are two basic game modes in Reign of Terror, the PvE and PvP mode. The PvE mode is against non-playing characters (NPC) in the game and the PvP mode is against the other players in the game. Moreover, there are three game loops depending upon the difficulty and the format of the game. The Basic Loop includes creating your team, completing missions, earning credits, leveling up, and becoming Ascend Agents. Besides, the Advance Loop includes investing in safe land plot NFTs, obtaining building blueprints, manufacturing buildings, obtaining resources, and supporting alliance guilds. The Hard Core Loop includes investing in terror zone land NFTs, raiding lands of enemies, defending own land NFTs, and participating in guild wars.

Game Economics

There is an economy of interdependence in Reign of Terror, where players need each other to sell and buy NFTs and grow as an individual in the game economy. The game would include both on-chain items and off-chain items. The on-chain items are more valuable than the off-chain items but the off-chain items can be converted into on-chain items. The on-chain items include NFTs with 7 rarity levels, and off-chain items include credits and resources. The game economy runs on the $ROT token and $SOL.

Reign of Terror Trailer 1