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Developed by Yomi Games, the Oni Mansion game is all about designing and building your own house on the metaverse of the game.

Moreover, the real attraction of the game is that players can mint their own NFTs. Built on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain, the players need at least one Oni NFT to access the game. This they can design and build at the Oni Squad website.

Oni Mansion is the first in a series of similar games planned by the Oni Squad group.

Oni Mansion Gameplay

In the start, players will get base-level mansions which are upgradeable gradually. The players that hold Oni NFTs can design and upgrade their mansions for three weeks before they would have the opportunity to mint the NFT mansions.

The aim is to build mansions, design them, mint NFTs, and earn money from this while they are actually having fun. Apart from Oni Squad, players owning externally supported assets like the Jungle Freaks, Curious Addys, and Lazy Lions can also participate in the game.

The players will upgrade their mansions according to their choices. That will give them a unique character and its level of rarity.

Game Economy

The players can earn tokens by either selling the NFTs on the marketplace or by completing daily tasks and activities.

The game offers a very unique, gas-less, and bridge-less experience giving more freedom to the community. The Oni Squad NFT collection built on the Ethereum blockchain consists of unique hand-drawn, 242 Japanese-styled, vivid, colorful, and retro designs.

The game has been designed on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain, however, it has been designed in a manner that there would not be any need to bridge the NFTs from Ethereum to Polygon. The Oni Mansion NFTs will have significance in the upcoming games by the Oni Squad group.