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Monkey League is a fast-paced, turn-based soccer game that’s simple to play yet challenging to master. It stands at the intersection of FIFA Street and Chess. In the game, Monkey NFTs, who was born with specific core game Skills, Perks, and stat levels, play matches instead of human characters in a FIFA Street kinda manner.

Players in the Monkey League assemble their ideal team of four Monkey NFTs to play the striker, midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper positions. Each monkey may play anyplace, but they have a higher Max Potential at birth in a specific position and you can train your monkeys to reach their full potential.

Monkey League Stamina and Squad

You won’t be able to play your monkeys continuously, even if you are consistently winning. Matches will use up Energy, and matchplay is exhausting and exposes your monkeys to injury. Because of this, it’s crucial to take care of your MonkeyPlayers off the field by increasing their stamina with nutritional supplies and recovering their HP with medical care supplies. This explains why having a larger squad that can play more consecutive games and has substitutes on hand has so many benefits.

In essence, while you play, you invest Energy and Supplies to acquire $MBS and XP points that let you advance in the MonkeyLeague ranks, earn more money, and increase the value of your NFT.

Ways to Earn in Monkey League

You can make money while playing Monkey League both actively and inactively. Playing games and scoring goals will be your main route to moving up the ranks and earning TOP MonkeyBucks $MBS for more intense, active gamers.

You can watch matches as a spectator, encouraging the winning team’s spirit and earning $MBS in the process. This option is for more passive players or those who simply want to enjoy the game. In addition, players will also be able to buy Stadiums and start earning money from the matches they host.

To play the game, other players can also rent your NFTs. This way both of the players earn MonkeyBucks. This is a good feature, that will help new players earn money to build squads and those with existing squads can make money passively.

Future generations of Monkey Players can be bred, with a cost of $MBS, if you have at least two breedable Monkey NFTs and a Breeding Capsule.

Monkey League Game Trailer