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Heroes Land combines the addictive Match-3 puzzle and the typical antagonistic properties of RPG genre gameplay.

Moreover, the game provides a revolutionary DUAL-GAMEPLAY model in the blockchain game industry where users can choose to play in the traditional mode or the play and earn mode. The game is a mix of the Match-3 puzzles genre and the modern RPG gameplay. Additionally, it has a captivating story and promises a good time.

Heroes Land Game Story

The tale started a thousand years ago on the former continent of Halacia. In the cursed country of the Black Desert, the dark ruler Hazdead, in his quest to establish himself as a hegemon, unlocked the gateway to hell. He submerged the entire continent in a sea of fire and death with his ruthless army. The Alliance Justice, who was on the verge of extinction, defeated the Dark Lord and imprisoned him deep inside the Black Desert using the strength of five elemental gems. The continent of Halacia was once more at peace. The tribes divided up possession of the five gems’ power after the demise of the Alliance Justice.

The Land experienced a period of tranquility and prosperity as time went on, but the lords had no idea that the Dark Lord was on his way back with a curse that said, “I will return in a thousand years with unstoppable power.” They were surrounded by death and darkness, and they grew terrified as the Dark Lord’s revived strength was unstoppable.

In response to this threat, the most powerful Heroes rose up and banded together. Together, they journey through various lands, facing and combating dangerous creatures in search of the 5 Elements that are the ideal 5 shards of Angel’s Sword. They then use the Soul Stone to summon strong epic heroes from countless years ago, combining them to create the power to subdue and destroy the Dark Lord. A worthwhile story with engaging gameplay awaits you in Hero Land.


You first have to choose your character before you can start playing the game, they are as followed:

  • Lord
  • Hero
  • Worker

You first begin as a worker, you then gain rewards to buy NFT land, owing land allows you to become a Lord or an NFT hero. It depends on what choice you make and how you want to play the game. Those who like battling and action can opt for the hero. Those in it for passive income only can be Lords. There are a variety of ways you can play the game and earn rewards.

The lords, workers, and heroes all work together in this game. You see the Lords own the lands in the game, the worker works to gather resources and the Hero is sent to obtain lands by the Lords. The Heroes can obtain the lands by beating monsters, and bosses, and they can even be attacked by other online players.

You can also be ruthless and take other Hero’s to take some of their things.

There are 4 types of land and they all have different resources.

  • Greenland
  • Rought Land
  • Lava Land

Each land type also has its own set of unique challenges, monsters, and resources. Greenland is said to be the easier one, so beginners should start with that.

Check Out Heroes Land Trailer