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BlockLords is one of the first AAA MMORPG strategy games, set in the storylines of medieval Europe. So, it takes place in a time of lords, knights, kings, and princes, and the game is nostalgic. Each player can develop their own hero with unique features, appearance, and attributes.

BlockLords Gameplay

The gameplay involves multiple modes of playing like 1v1, PvP, and PvE. This award-winning crypto game is already on the Tron blockchain, Neo Blockchain, and Ethereum blockchain, and soon it will be available on the Loom Blockchain as well. So, this makes BlockLords a cross-platform project. The ultimate goal of the game is to roam around Europe and conquer lands and cities which will become part of your in-game economy. These cities and lands will generate cash in the form of TRX and NEO tokens which are the levies and taxes imparted on a city or town. The taxes will be 10% on all items and the coffers in the city can pay after 150K blocks.

Obviously, the cities and towns cannot be conquered at the start as your character might not be strong enough. It is through participating in PvE battles with NPCs and becoming part of the bandits that your character will gain experience, strength, and the cash needed to build an army to conquer the cities. Moreover, each battle costs money which means whether you win or lose, to start a battle, you need cash. But no worries as the cost is not that much.

To fight a bandit only 10TRX are required, a castle siege requires 30TRX, and attacking a whole city will cost you 50TRX. The players earn money by simply two methods, occupying lands or selling different looted items. In addition, the graphics design is very attractive and smart. On the other hand, the players do not hold much control over the actual battles. The Metaking Studios are behind the project known for their innovative ideas.

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