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Blankos Block Party Game

Blankos Block Party is a fun-filled MMO game where the characters come with true ownership as NFTs. The characters are fun-looking, cool art collectible characters. The fre to play NFT game is based on the EOSIO blockchain technology. The popularity of the game is credited to its two comparatively unique features. First, the game is free to play which means there is no requirement of preliminary investment to start playing. And second, the developers have focused more on the gaming aspect of the project rather than just tokenomics and money.

Blankos Block Party the Basics

Blankos Block Party NFT characters are also collectible items. Despite being merely on the cyber forum and not anything physical, the NFTs have a real value attached to them. The game derives its inspiration from the popular toy series, Funko Pops with a hint of LittleBigPlanet, and Fortnite. The aim of the game is to create, design, and develop different Blankos by buying accessories for the characters. This leads to truly unique Blankos for every player adding a lot to the uniqueness element. These collectibles are used to participate in different activities and in-game tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The players can earn money by either selling their Blankos in the Mythical Marketplace after investing in their development. Or by simply completing the various quests to earn NFT items that are exchangeable for real money.

Blankos Block Party a Worthy Addition in P2E Games

The Blankos Block Party community actually values the playing aspect of the game. Only a few rare Blankos are priced highly by the owners, the rest are easily accessible to the majority of players. Blankos Block Party is a fresh change in the NFT/Crypto gaming realm because it is fun to play, easy to start playing and on the side, the players can also earn some hard cash.

Blankos Block Party Official Trailer