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Brace yourselves gamers as today we bring you new and exciting upcoming play to earn NFT games. Next year will see some of the most promising upcoming NFT blockchain games ready to roll out in the market. Moreover, the P2E domain will also see directional changes as well from play to earn to play and own. A lot of new impactful stuff will happen next year. Let’s have a look at upcoming play to earn games that you would definitely want to have on your checklist.

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes, the first game on our list, is a third-person shooter NFT game with eye-catching graphics and super exciting gameplay. The cats are the NFTs in the game better known as Nyans. Moreover, Guardian robots are also NFTs, which players will use to get into fights with other players. The game offers battle royale mode with a lot of in-game rewards. The NFTs, Nyans, and robots, bring with them a lot of other perks like getting air drops, access to early beta tests, and Solana blockchain sales and pre-sales offers.

The game offers several Nyan classes each with unique powerful abilities. Moreover, the game has different modes, PvE adventure mode, APVP battle royale mode, guild mode, and finally an RPG mode. The game has two tokens, Catnip and Nyan, utility and governance tokens respectively. Check out the game’s brief review by clicking here.

Nyan Heroes play to earn
Nyan Heroes


The next game on our list is the Genopets, a move to earn MMO RPG that lets you earn whilst remaining fit. Genopets are digital spirit animals a user will choose and do daily activities to evolve their genopets. Besides genopet’s upgradation and evolution, the daily activities will let the players earn daily rewards.

Your daily movement and exertion will result in in-game progression. Moreover, your genopet is your NFT which is also customizable. The game also offers a battle arena where players are up against themselves, competing with their reaction times, memory, and other cognitive skills via minigames.

BR1 Metaverse Game

BR1 is a metaverse third-person shooter game that lets you shoot, loot, and engage in an immersive adventure. The game uses Solana blockchain technology and is arguably the world’s first risk-based shooter game. Moreover, it is highly competitive with PVP mode where the winners will earn rewards.

The game offers exciting game modes, especially the Infinite Royale. Infinite Royale is the developer’s flagship mode with no start, closure, or timer. The collapsing circle mechanic of this battle royale is pretty unique that forces players inside the circle without health damage.

Monkey League

Monkey League is a soccer/football game where players will choose four monkeys and pitch them up against another team in a soccer match. The aim is to score three goals and win the match to earn $MBS and XP points. The Monkeys are the main NFTs of the game and each monkey has its own unique genetic makeup and abilities. The NFTs are common, rare, epic, and legendary. The game modes are PvE, PvP, and Team vs Team.

Monkey League

Synergy Land

Synergy is a play to earn action RPG game featuring adventure, dungeon, exploration, pets, and biomes. The game also allows players to own land, harvest, craft materials, and more.

The ARPG mode lets you play as a character with the aim to explore the dungeons and solve intricate puzzles. The game also enables you to play solo, or if you need your friends on your side, party with your family and friends and play in a group of 4. The game customizes every time and becomes random making it dynamic with no repetition. Moreover, there are a total of 4 biomes and each biome has its own characteristics and enemy outlook. The game’s NFT sale will kick off next month.

What’s More on Play to Earn Games?

Check out our directory of games that will help you identify which game you want to play. Today’s news will act as a heads-up to you so you may add games to your watchlist or playlist. So, which games are you looking forward to playing and sharing with your friends and family. There are some more games that we will cover in our upcoming blog of play to earn NFT games. Stay with us for more on blockchain and NFT games. Meanwhile, check out the 10 best cryptos NFT games of 2022 blog by clicking here.

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