Tencent’s John Clark ready for Nordic Game, NG20 Online

It’s a great pleasure for the organisers of Nordic Game, NG20, 27-29 May in Malmö, Sweden to announce that John Clark, VP of partnerships, Europe at Tencent, have joined as a speaker. Nordic Game ’20 migrated online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will take place from May 27 to 29

20 year plus career

With over 20 years in the videogames business and following 13 years establishing Sega Europe as prime exponents of developer-led publishing, Clark now leads Tencent’s European partnerships activity within videogames. Clark started at Sega in 2007 as the UK managing director, a role he held for nearly 13 years. Alongside this, he also acted as VP of digital distribution as well as executive VP of publishing and senior VP of commercial publishing at Sega Europe.

PodcastGameConsultant.com; John Clark from Tencent Games
PodcastGameConsultant.com; John Clark from Tencent Games

Before joining Sega, Clark held various sales positions – including sales director – at Eidos-l for eight years and even prior to that worked as an account manager for Take-Two Interactive.

The near complete speaker line-up for Nordic Game online includes representatives from two of the biggest companies in the industry: Mike Gamble, Epic Games’ head of games licensing in Europe, and John Clark, who recently joined Tencent as its vice president of partnerships for Europe.

There will also be talks from leaders at companies that are smaller, but no less significant than Epic and Tencent: Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail, Ustwo Games CEO Maria Sayans, and Søren Lundgaard, CEO of Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games.

John will talk about partnerships and share the Tencent perspective on global market trends and the Chinese market with on Friday 29 May, at 14:45 CET. Not to be missed! Sign up for NG20 right here.

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