Epic versus Steam; the Battle is on!

Epic versus Steam; the Battle is on!

The title says it all; Epic versus Steam. Valve’s Steam has found a competitor in Epic Games and since then both have locked horns in an ugly battle in the gaming industry.

Steam, a long time leading distributor of PC games, is facing a considerable challenge from a strong competitor; Epic Games, the developers of blockbuster Fortnite, has established its own PC gaming store. To let you understand the magnitude of this war, think about the generations-old war between PC gamers and console gamers. Steam reined and single-handedly dominated the PC games distribution for almost 15 years but now its throne is being challenged by the Epic Games Store.

Epic versus Steam
Epic versus Steam

Valve is the parent company of Steam and has gained enormous success, fame, and serious bucks via games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and Half-Life series. But Valve’s main fortune-maker has been Steam, a market place for PC games. Valve has had the gaming kingdom to itself for over a long period but thanks to Fortnite’s swift and spectacular rise as one of the most successful online games, Epic games earned respect, finances as well as clout in the industry.

Tim Sweeny, Epic’s CEO has decided to bring a lot of changes especially the revenue cut that a platform like Valve has imposed on game developers.

Epic versus Steam; When compared to Steam, Epic Games Store is charging only 12 percent cut from the developers instead of Steam’s 30 percent. In addition to this discount, Epic Games Store is also waiving off the 5 percent royalty fee payable to Unreal Engine 5 if your game is built using the software. This showdown between these two platforms can bring forth a lot of changes and betterment for game distribution in the future.

Epic Games is reaching out to big game developers, like GearBox and others, to secure exclusivity deals. Whether it is ethical or not but one thing is for sure that this battle will impact the PC gaming industry especially its funding and distribution model. But the real question is how much of a threat Epic will pose to Steam in the coming future? What do you guys think?

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