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Industry experts have released predictions for 2023 in the mobile gaming industry, specifically focusing on the use of blockchain technology and NFTs, as well as the growth of the hypercasual sector. These predictions provide insight into the future of mobile gaming and how it may be impacted by developments in the web3 space.

The Web 3.0 and blockchain gaming industry has seen a steady growth in 2022, with projections pointing towards an upward trend in the last quarter of the year. Some of the biggest names in the gaming industry are developing AAA blockchain games, which are driving the growth of unique active wallets and the survival of NFTs. NFT games are becoming increasingly popular, with game developers remaining optimistic about the future of blockchain games. Furthermore, the Web3 domain is seeing an influx of investments, talent acquisition, and changes in gaming models. Today, we are sharing predictions from industry professionals about the future of Web3 mobile games, advertisements, and the hypercasual segments in 2023.

More fun games will roll out in 2023.

Many experienced and talented gaming studios are currently developing blockchain gaming projects. These projects were started in 2021 and, due to the time required to create an AAA-type game, we can expect to see these high-quality blockchain games released by the end of 2022. It typically takes around two years to market and develop a high-quality game. These AAA-level blockchain games will help showcase the true potential of blockchain games by the end of 2023. According to the Chief Gaming Officer of Magic Eden, we will see a significant improvement in gameplay and game quality in 2023.

Additionally, Neil McFarland of First Light Games predicts that there will be an increase in the number of new games entering the industry. These games will shift from “play to earn” to “play and own,” highlighting the true value of digital asset ownership. Furthermore, the use of AI tools will aid blockchain gaming studios in developing these games.

Novel Audience via Mobile for Advertising.

The changes in the global macroeconomic environment will prompt businesses to seek new methods to meet rising demands. The mobile ecosystem continues to expand and grow, which will drive advertisers to explore new avenues, such as moving beyond mobile inventory. Mobile advertising will enable advertisers to reach new audiences, such as those on Connected TV.

Blockchain Gaming Will Continue to Strive Amid Challenges.

Bob Slinn, COO of FunPlus, predicts that challenges will persist in the gaming industry in 2023. Nevertheless, the industry will continue to grow and innovate, particularly in the realm of marketing. We can expect to see creative marketing strategies, from traditional brand marketing to influencer marketing. Additionally, blockchain games with cross-platform gaming will gain momentum. Gaming studios with strong games will experience growth in audience, community engagement, and revenue.

Hatred toward NFTs will fade away.

Ian Masters, Founder and CEO of Flick Games, predicts that in 2023, there will be less resistance towards NFTs. People will begin to understand and accept NFTs as an innovative technology that promotes player ownership and generates additional revenue for developers. Game developers will use NFTs in a way that is beneficial for players. The model will likely involve a combination of ads, in-app purchases, subscriptions, and NFTs. Developers will also give out NFTs as free rewards to players, with some having little or no monetary value, while others will be rare and collectible items.

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In addition, NFT games are moving beyond the challenges faced in 2022. While the entire year was difficult for many games and blockchain projects, Solana was particularly affected. The collapse of FTX and Alameda Research led to a 94% decrease in Solana token prices. This has caused many existing and new mobile gaming blockchain projects to seek out more stable platforms. One recent example is the Solana game Tiny Colony, along with others like Y00ts and DeGods. While there are other blockchain projects available, developers are increasingly choosing Ethereum-backed ImmutableX. It is likely that in 2023, we will see more blockchain projects migrating from Solana to other platforms.

Casual Mobile Gaming Sector.

In terms of mobile casual games, it is expected that hyper-casual games will experience a decline before recovering, as has been the trend each year. One of the key advantages in the hyper-casual game development market is the low barrier to entry. This means that developers from all over the world will experiment in this niche to create successful games. Therefore, we may see new and innovative ideas in the hyper-casual mobile games market in 2023, leading to the emergence of new sub-genres and entertaining games such as “Save the Dog“.

The blockchain gaming industry will continue to attract investments in 2023, as more and more developers and talent enter the field. Additionally, some major players from the traditional gaming industry are also planning to increase their investments in the emerging Web3 domain in order to gain an early advantage.

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