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In today’s video gaming newsSuperior Game Review“! “Superior” is the latest addition to Gala Gamescollection of engaging and rewarding play-to-earn games. In this game, players take on the role of a superhero who must fight against corrupted versions of beloved characters to restore peace to the city. Unlike traditional superhero games, players are responsible for saving the city instead of relying on the heroes to do it for them. This co-op, roguelite, third-person shooter blockchain NFT game developed by Drifter allows players to earn in-game rewards by defeating the rogue superheroes, but if they die, they will restart in a weakened state.

Introducing Superior, the ultimate co-op gaming experience. Join a team of players just like in popular games like PUBG and CSGO, and work together to defeat corrupted superheroes and their minions. With a minimum team size of three, you won’t be waiting in the queue for long. The best part? Superior is now in open beta and accessible to the public with no upfront investments or NFTs required. All you need is a Gala Games account to start playing and testing Superior today.

Superior Game Outlook, Graphics, and Gameplay

Superior offers a unique and visually appealing cartoonish graphics reminiscent of the movie A Scanner Darkly. The use of color and character design is seamlessly integrated with the in-game environment. The gameplay is smooth, and the shooting mechanics provide an enjoyable experience as players take down enemies and bosses. Players have the option to engage in close-combat using automatic weapons or take a more strategic approach by using long-range rifles to eliminate enemies from a distance. The sound design, including the sounds of weapons, bullets, and voiceovers, adds an additional layer of fun to the game. Overall, if you’re a fan of cartoonish graphics in games, Superior is sure to impress you.

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Superior Game Review

Superior offers a unique gameplay feature where players can steal the powers of the superheroes they hunt down. This will give players more JUICE to acquire additional powers. Additionally, players have the opportunity to create their own hero hunter as they progress through the game. However, players should be aware that taking on the powerful enemies and bosses alone is not an option. Killing a superhero is a challenging task that requires teamwork. Therefore, players should join forces with friends for a successful hero hunting experience.

Superior Game Characters

Currently, there are three distinct characters available in the game, each boasting their own unique attributes, abilities, and gameplay styles.


First on the list is Ronin, a character that goes all out in battle with a berserk attitude. Equipped with a blade and blaster, Ronin prefers to engage in close combat with enemies. His weapon range is limited to close quarters and his weapons of choice include SMGs and melee weapons. If you enjoy playing in close proximity to enemies, then Ronin is the perfect character for you.


Next is Nomad, a sharpshooter who uses her rifle for both offense and defense. She also has the ability to control hacked satellites for surveillance. Nomad’s playstyle is focused on long-range combat and she prefers to take out enemies from a distance. Her weapon of choice is a rifle equipped with a scope.

play and earn, roguelite, gala games, superior, nft game, blockchain
Nomad Superior character – Superior Game Review


Lastly, we have the genius mechanic and shrewd trickster, who utilizes a variety of explosives to take out opponents. Her expertise lies in tracking enemies using holograms and other devices. She is versatile in her range, able to adapt and attack from any location.

As you progress through the game, your character will gain strength and power through the leveling system.

Superior is on Steam as well as on Gala Games

Superior is available on Steam, but it should be noted that Steam does not support NFTs or blockchain mechanics. As a result, the version of the game on Steam does not include any NFTs or blockchain features. If players wish to take advantage of the game’s NFTs, they will need to head to Gala Games, create an account, and play there. However, players from both Steam and Gala Games can still play together on the game’s servers.

Superior Game offers NFTs in the form of limited quantity in-game characters. As a result, at a certain point, the game will not have any characters available for new players or players looking to switch characters. In this case, players will need to purchase NFT characters from other players.

We will soon continue our review of Superior Game in the second part, which is a highly promising game from Gala Games. Meanwhile, check out the newest survey report on blockchain games, discussing the future, and challenges. Dont forget to check out our socials and subscribe to our YouTube Game Review Channel. Want to play games, check out our game reviews.

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