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Epic Games’ new announcement sternly warns blockchain and NFT games engaged in frauds and scams on its platform, these Web3 games will be kicked out of the Epic Games Store with immediate effect.

Despite some negativity, some of the blockchain NFT games are doing pretty well, says Epic Games.

Epic Games has recently made headlines with two announcements related to the growing trend of blockchain-based Web3 gaming. On one hand, the company has expressed enthusiasm for the success of some of the crypto games available in its online store. On the other hand, Epic Games has also stated that it will initiate a crackdown on blockchain games with “bad behavior.” Blockchain games that engage in fraudulent activities or scamming players. These two statements highlight the potential of blockchain-based gaming as well as the challenges that come with its increasing popularity.

Epic Games Store Houses Blockchain and NFT Games

First, let’s take a look at Epic Games’ positive stance toward blockchain-based gaming. The company has been experimenting with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for some time. It has recently expanded its offerings to include a variety of games that incorporate blockchain-based assets and cryptocurrencies. These games have shown promising results, with Epic Games stating that some of them have done “pretty well” in terms of sales and player engagement.

This success has a number of factors behind it. One of the main advantages of blockchain-based gaming is the ability to create unique and valuable in-game assets that players can buy and sell. These digital assets are tradable on blockchain-based marketplaces. This opens up new revenue streams for game developers, as well as provides players with a sense of ownership and investment in the games they play. Furthermore, blockchain-based gaming also offers increased transparency and security, which can be particularly attractive to players who are concerned about fraud and cheating in traditional online gaming environments.

Tim Sweeney Embraces Web3

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has a different perspective on the issue of blockchain gaming and its reception by other online marketplaces.

While some marketplaces, such as Steam, have been hesitant to embrace crypto games, Sweeney argues that this is not because they believe “crypto” is inherently bad. Instead, he suggests that these marketplaces are primarily concerned with collecting their 30% fees. Moreover, they are willing to block any games that don’t comply with their policies. Sweeney also pointed out that these marketplaces continue to distribute “bad stuff.” While Epic Games is taking a stand against fraudulent activities and bad behavior in blockchain gaming.

Epic Games Store Warning for Blockchain “Bad Boys”

However, Epic Games’ positive stance towards blockchain-based gaming adds another to the chapter. Its recent announcement that it will initiate a crackdown on games having “bad behavior.” The bad behavior here points towards those blockchain games and developers that might engage in fraudulent activities. This move comes as the popularity of blockchain-based gaming has led to an increase in fraudulent activities, including scams, phishing attempts, and other forms of fraud. Epic Games has stated that any games found to be engaging in these activities will see the exit door immediately.

While this crackdown may be seen as a necessary step to protect players, it also highlights the challenges that come with the growth of blockchain-based gaming. Because blockchain-based games operate on decentralized networks, it becomes difficult to regulate and police them in the same way that traditional online games are regulated. This can make it easier for fraudulent actors to operate and scam unsuspecting players.

Epic Games is Aware of Challenges in Web3

According to Axios, Epic Games Store GM Steve Allison has stated that Epic Games is aware of the controversies and negative reputation that often surround cryptocurrency ventures. Additionally, it will take swift action to shut down any fraudulent activities or bad behavior in blockchain gaming. Allison also expressed uncertainty about whether their limited support of blockchain gaming will generate significant revenues. A clearer picture is expected to emerge over the next year as more blockchain-based games are released. Currently, there are only five such titles on the Epic Games Store, almost 20 more will launch by early 2024.

Epic Games New Announcement Regarding Blockchain Games with “Bad Behaviour”, NFT Games, web3
Epic Games New Announcement Regarding Blockchain Games with “Bad Behaviour” – Web3

Epic Games’ statements highlight both the potential and challenges of blockchain-based gaming. On one hand, blockchain-based gaming offers a number of benefits. These include unique and valuable in-game assets, increased transparency and security, and new revenue streams for developers. On the other hand, the decentralized nature of blockchain-based games can make them more difficult to regulate. Moreover, policing fraudulent activities is also not present. Consequently, it can harm players and damage the reputation of the blockchain gaming industry as a whole.

In short, Epic Games’ recent statements regarding blockchain-based gaming highlight both the potential and challenges of this emerging industry. While blockchain-based gaming offers a number of exciting opportunities, it is important to address the challenges. There are numerous challenges of fraud and other forms of bad behavior in the crypto sector. These challenges need catering in order to create a safe and sustainable ecosystem for players and developers alike. By working together to address these challenges, we can unlock the full potential of blockchain-based gaming. Moreover, to pave the way for a more innovative and exciting future in gaming.

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