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Red Door Digital Raises $5 M in a Bid to Develop AAA Rated Blockchain Games.

A dearth of high-end quality video games in the realm of blockchain games is finally getting a much-needed supply in the shape of recent investments. Singapore-based gaming studio Red Door Digital has had a successful round of funding where it raised $5 million. The investment will be used to develop top-quality blockchain games.

Gaming Studio Red Door Digital Raises $5 M For Blockchain Games

Gaming Studio Red Door Digital Raises $5 M For Blockchain Games

Red Door Digital’s team comprises developers that have experience in developing top games inside famous studios like Electronic Arts, Tencent, Epic Games, Ubisoft, and NetEase.

With help of its team and raised capital, Red Door eyes to fill the gap of game creativity in web 3 games.

All talks aside, what is a blockchain game? NFT etc? Check out the video!


Previously, blockchain games came under severe criticism owing to poor gameplay which made it look less a game and more of a scam.

Red Door Digital was founded last year with services and skills in play to earn economics, NFTs, Web 3 infrastructure, DeFi infrastructure, and NFT interoperability.

Its aim is to enhance entertainment and social interaction in Web 3 by using immersive metaverse experiences.

“As game developers by background, we have always served deeply engaged communities, who play for fun and have shared social and financial incentives.

Web3 is the next, exciting extension of that dynamic, built on blockchain technologies,” said Joseph Derflinger, CEO of Red Door Digital.

As of now, the studio is working on three titles with a focus on proprietary game theory models for more engaging gameplay. One of the studio’s games Reign of Terror is scheduled to release this summer.

The game is an MMO and falls in the category of cyberpunk with a futuristic metaverse-like setting. Other Red Door games set to release in the last quarter of this year are DinoHorse Saga and Project Synth.

Gaming Studio Red Door Digital Raises $5 M For Blockchain Games - Funding

Gaming Studio Red Door Digital Raises $5 M For Blockchain GamesFunding

The investment round was led by Shima Capital, M6, Maven Capital, and Cryptology Asset Group.

As of now, the studio has a team of 40 people with its headquarters in Singapore and the development team residing in the US and Taiwan.