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Indie Game “Among Us” PC Player numbers Soars after Epic did a Giveaway.

We all know about the famous indie game Among Us, its massive popularity took mobile gamers by storm during the pandemic. However, the PC version of the game struggled to achieve similar numbers; one of the reasons was it being paid.

Indie Game Among Us Epic Giveaway - Inside Gaming News 24/7

Indie Game Among Us Epic Giveaway – Inside Gaming News 24/7

Now, with the newest Epic giveaway, Among Us PC numbers have reached millions. The game was available on Epic Games Store for free but for a limited time. Before going free, the game boasted 500k players approximately. After going free, the number of crewmates and imposters has now reached new heights.

The game was released in 2018 but its popularity skyrocketed during global lockdowns in 2020. With everyone staying indoors, streamers and players tried different venues and games and eventually stumbled upon Innersloth’s Among Us. That was the turning point for the game thanks to it being free-to-play and user-friendly, the game’s popularity soared.

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The game became free due to Epic’s Mega Sale event in June. The community director of Among Us, Victoria Tran, shared a graph on Twitter that showed a spike in the number of players. As soon as the PC version of the game went free, the number of players spiked over the weekend. The graph showed that the player count almost got quadrupled in just two days. This led to an increase in players from 500k to almost 2 million.

In addition to Among Us PC being free, the long weekend in the US also added to the numbers. Moreover, there is also a possibility of players playing the game on other platforms wanted to try it on PC for the first time.

Indie Game Among Us Epic Giveaway - Inside Gaming News 24/7

Indie Game Among Us Epic Giveaway – Inside Gaming News 24/7

The boost in players’ numbers is a great sign for the game. The fanbase is still intact and loyal to the game and by the looks of it, it is not far when the player numbers will reach their high again. Among Us surely has a great future ahead.


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